the boy and the mountain

When you have a dream,
there is no end

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This short animated film, developed in a 3D technique, is an ode to effort, sacrifice but it also it authentically recognizes our dreams. It aims to entertain, but most importantly it inspires the viewer to reflect on their dreams and goals.


Hernan is a dreamy boy who struggles to do well at school. After his parents demand more effort and sacrifice from the boy, he decides to put his imagination aside and to focus on his studies. Over the years he becomes a successful man who one day realizes that his most important dream is yet to come true.

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Cast and Crew

Director: Santiago Aguilera y Gabriel Monreal.
Executive producers : Hernán Leal, Gonzalo Pomés, Claudio Villarroel y Santiago Aguilera.
Producers: Jennifer Contreras y Claudio Villarroel.
Production assistant: Jennifer Contreras.
Artistic assistant: Aarón Navia Campos.
Original Idea: Hernán Leal
Script: Pablo Aguirre, Santiago Aguilera, Kylie Trupp y Gabriel Monreal.
Narrators: Paulette Lecaros y Aarón Navia Campos.
Artistic director: Gabriel Monreal.
Animation director: Sebastián Pagueguy
Storyboard: Gonzalo Gonzo, Gustavo Lara y Luis Bertín.
Animatic: Gabriel Vásquez y Gonzalo Gonzo.
Layout: Gonzalo Uribe y Rodrigo Navarrete.
Animators: Ángel Perez Opazo, Axel Pailamilla, Cristian Carvajal, Fernanda Gonzalez, Matias Perez, Nicole Ponce, Pablo Oliva, Rolando Villacura, Diego Hernández y Sebastián Pagueguy
Modeling of the characters: Mario Contreras, Rodrigo Navarrete, Gonzalo Uribe, Mauricio Galvez, Felipe Cortes.
Rigging : Mario Contreras, Tomas Herrera y Mauricio Galvez.
Textured : Gonzalo Pizarro


Hernán child
Hernán young adult
Hernán adult